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DRK4001 - Ultimate Recording Kit 

The DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Kit is full of every microphone you need to make a trip to the recording studio a breeze. Vocal mics, instrument mics for any type of instrument and all the clips and accessories you can imagine making miking up a full studio band quick and easy. 

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DDK4000 - Drum Microphone Kit

DPA’s selection of mics for the drum kit is designed specifically to put the sound engineer in control of the sound. Beginning with the clear, true sound of the entire kit, the engineer has the best starting point to shape the sound wanted for the situation.

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DLK4000 - Live Microphone Kit

The DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit includes vocal mics for lead and backup vocals, instrument mics for close-miking any type of live instrument – both acoustical and electric, as well as various pencil mics for spot miking instrument groups or capturing ambiance sounds.   

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DSK4001 - Studio Microphone Kit 

The DSK4001 Studio Microphone Kit is perfect for a home studio or small recording studio. Or for boosting a larger recording studio with the most prestigious, high-quality professional condenser mics available. 

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DLS4000 - Location Sound Microphone Kit 

DPA’s DLS4000 Location Sound Microphone Kit has the crucial mics needed for all your standard location recording needs. It includes shotguns for booming, micro shotguns for discreet plant miking and a range of lavaliers for close miking the talent. 

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4099 Touring Kit

Ready for on-the-road use for rental companies, musicians or theatres, the 4099 Touring Kit offers a wide selection of microphones and accessories selected for typical use in an acoustic music setting.

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Stereo Kits

Available with 4006, 4011 or 4041 these specialized stereo kits contain a matched set of pencil microphones and the accessories you need to capture amazing stereo sound. All kits are matched within either ±0.5 dB or ±1 dB depending on the kit. These mics are used by professionals who insist on only using the best.

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Stereo Pairs

The Stereo Pairs contain the mathced pencil microphones, clips and windscreens and accessories. All kits are matched within either ±0.5 dB or ±1 dB depending on the kit. Available with either 4006, 2011, 2006, 4011 or 4015.

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Surround Kits

Available with 4006, 4011 or 4015 the kits all have unique features for surround sound recording. Used with the dedicated S5 Surround/Decca Tree Mount you’ll have endless of possibilities to capture the nature of the environment in which the mics are placed.

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Lavalier Mic Kits

These kits give you exactly what you need so that you can easily use Miniature Microphones on your specific assignment. They contain a range of relevant accessories, nestled in a handy box so you can easily keep track of things. We have kits for use in film production, instrument close miking, ENG/EFP applications and stereo miking.

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